perfect first time

you teach me + I teach you

So you’re tired of being a virgin,
but dating women is difficult and stressful.

You’ve tried talking to attractive ladies,
but you get really anxious
and they just don’t seem interested.

Let me help you make your first time the perfect experience.

Not every provider is equipped to handle
the emotional intricacies of helping
a male virgin move forward in his sexuality,
but it’s something I’m really passionate about.

frequently asked questions

Do I have to tell you if I’m a virgin?

Yes, I would greatly prefer to be in the know about this so I have extra patience with you and share my knowledge. First timers have their own unique set of possible challenges. I just want to know what I’m up against so I can best serve your needs.

Be clear with me: say “I’m a virgin
and I have ( some / no ) experience with kissing!”

How many virgins have you seen?

I had seen 6 virgins before getting into this line of work, and now I’ve seen a total of about 50 former virgins. I have a unique bond with each of them and I really treasure the experience. Each and every one of my former virgins was thrilled with their time with me and have experienced increased self-confidence. I’m so proud of that!!

Are you experienced with virgins who have sexual trauma, religious trauma, mental disabilities, and/or physical disabilities?

Yes, I have experience with virgins with all kinds of combinations of these, and I’ll work with you to be mindful of all your specific needs.

Do you have any age restrictions?

I am available to see all men who are 21 years or older. This is so I don’t feel weird about it and can establish an authentic connection with you.

Which date option would you suggest for someone looking to have the perfect first time?

I suggest the four hour option, which includes two hours of getting to know each other and eating food together, and two hours of bedroom fun. This results in the most natural experience together, and feels the most like a traditional date.